TCP Announces Employee Document Management Capability for Employee Workforce Management

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TCP, a leading provider of workforce management and time and labor solutions, today announced the addition of Employee Document Management. This new feature, the result of an integration with eFileCabinet, enables HR teams to easily keep track of all employee documentation with controlled access, unlimited storage and simplified organization through the TimeClock Plus interface.

As HR teams expand their responsibilities to cope with the health and safety of employees in multiple locations, it is crucial that their time and energy is not lost on managing the many documents associated with each employee. A single employee file contains numerous documents including, but not limited to, onboarding forms, contracts, payroll, performance reviews, medical insurance plans, elected tax withholdings and termination letters.

In addition, the US Department of Labor has the right to audit organizations, both randomly and in response to specific complaints, to confirm they are in compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Without digital document management, the process of gathering all the required documentation for employees is time consuming and can cost organizations both directly and indirectly. TCP’s employee document management solution solves this problem by enabling HR teams to easily compile the necessary data to demonstrate compliance when called upon and execute self audits periodically.

“We are excited to partner with the leader in workforce management, TCP. Our business process and document management solutions are powerful human resources’ tools to further enhance TCP’s people processes, including streamlined FMLA procedures,” stated Jesse Wood, CEO, eFileCabinet.

TCP’s Employee Document Management allows organizations to store and access documents by providing:

  • Storage – Automatically store and consolidate employee documents with unlimited storage space. Documents in various formats may be uploaded into a single source enabling TCP’s workforce management solution to support all documentation needs even as organizations grow, with no restrictions on capacity.
  • Organization – Multiple categories may be created and viewed in a drop-down menu by customized groups such as payroll, training, benefits, etc., allowing all documents to be uploaded and viewed in a single source. Time previously spent shuffling through a file cabinet is now replaced by a click on the drop-down menu from a desktop. Complete transparency in regard to any incomplete or missing documentation is an additional benefit.
  • Security – It is extremely important to keep HR information secure, which includes personal information such as social security numbers, addresses, birthdates, etc. This is addressed by giving different configurations to managers and users, with access specifically assigned by the HR administrator. Complete control of what documents can be viewed and/or edited is in the hands of management, providing strict and limited access where needed.

“Additional demands are placed on HR teams as their workforce is increasingly operating from different locations, which requires access to digital documentation to maintain business as usual,” said Leslie Bodnar, Chief Marketing & Product Officer, TCP. “We continue to add capabilities to our robust workforce management solution based on our customers’ needs so that every new feature demonstrates immediate and measurable business value.”

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