SAP.iO Foundries North America Teams with Accenture to Launch Two New Sustainability Cohorts

WALLDORF — SAP SE  and Accenture welcome two new cohorts to SAP.iO Foundries North America, SAP’s external startup accelerator program. Thirteen startups were selected for the cohorts among hundreds of applicants by a jury of SAP and Accenture experts, partners and customers.

The startups in the cohorts are building innovative solutions to drive sustainability for consumer and retail companies across the value chain in areas including reusable packaging and responsible and ethical supply chain. The startups will also focus on helping companies in the energy and natural resources industries manage sustainability goals including compliance, regulation, tracking and carbon trading.

Over the next 16 weeks, the startups will work alongside curated sustainability and technology experts from Accenture and SAP, with access to SAP technology and application programming interfaces (APIs) and opportunities to collaborate with SAP and Accenture customers around the world. The startups will integrate with SAP solutions such as SAP Product Footprint Management and SAP Responsible Design and Production and leverage Accenture’s Sustainability Services and broad industry knowledge, building upon the companies’ long-standing partnership and shared commitment to using technology to help the world build a more sustainable future. The following startups are participating in the SAP.iO Foundries North America sustainability cohorts:

Consumer and Retail

  • Algramo offers a circular platform that encourages consumers to buy in a more convenient, affordable way with zero waste and connects people, brands and retailers to change consumption habits.
  • EcoCart calculates the carbon emissions of business activities, then programmatically offsets those emissions by funding impactful certified carbon offset projects like planting trees or building windfarms.
  • Everledger leverages blockchain and Internet of Things technology to offer transparency into supply chains for clarity on quality, origin, sustainability footprint and compliance standards.
  • EVRYTHNG helps customers run their business differently with real-time data intelligence from each of their products end to end, from factory to consumer and beyond.
  • Inspectorio provides a dynamic and risk-assessment-based quality compliance program for digitalization, automation, transparency and traceability.
  • LimeLoop is a platform for sustainable shipping including reusable packaging, real-time tracking and predictive analytics.
  • Specright delivers a purpose-built platform for specification management that changes how brands, suppliers, manufacturers and retailers manage data and collaborate to bring products to market.

Energy and Natural Resources

  • Bidgely accelerates a clean energy future by enabling utilities and consumers to make data-driven energy decisions.
  • Camus Energy empowers utilities and energy providers with systemwide visibility, forecasting and advanced controls to balance local renewable supply with flexible demand for a distributed, zero-carbon future.
  • Empower incentivizes transparent and traceable collection, sourcing and recycling of plastic waste globally.
  • OilX is the world’s first digital oil analyst. It leverages satellite technology and AI to create a digital twin of the oil supply chain, from well to wheel.
  • Singularity Energy is a data and analytics company that helps customers reduce their carbon emissions.
  • SupplHi covers the vendor management activities from vendor scouting to vendor qualification, vendor performance evaluation and assessment of vendor financials, compliance and sustainability.
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