Konica Minolta Business Innovation Center Partners with AnyVision and MOBOTIX to Deploy Facial Recognition on IoT Cameras

Ramsey, NJ, Oct. 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.’s (Konica Minolta) Business Innovation Center (BIC), along with its partners MOBOTIX and AnyVision, are excited to jointly announce plans for a new Facial Recognition (FR) solution embedded directly on IoT smart cameras. Made possible through the integration of AnyVision’s FR software on the MOBOTIX 7 app platform for MOBOTIX cameras, the new solution will offer a competitive model for facial recognition by way of eliminating costly server overhead, improved data privacy and ease of deployment.

In the ongoing collaboration, AnyVision provided its leading FR software while MOBOTIX developed its new app platform.

“Facial recognition is a very strong solution to add to our new software ecosystem,” said Hartmut Sprave, CTO of MOBOTIX. “We’re excited to work with our strategic partners to expand the capabilities of our cameras to meet the needs of shifting markets.”

By running directly on MOBOTIX smart cameras, companies will no longer need to rely on large, expensive servers to power FR software. Instead, those seeking to harness the powerful technology for security or access control can leverage distributed processing to accomplish the task. Each camera natively processes its respective feed.

“We have reached a vitally important milestone in facial recognition deployment with this partnership,” said Boris Gokhman, VP of Strategic Partnerships at AnyVision. “We believe facial recognition technology has real-world benefits right now, and there are clear advantages to running our software as an IoT solution.”

Running FR directly on cameras also eschews the need to routinely share user faces with a central server, instead having the information protected and anonymously managed locally. This improves GDPR compliance and provides better confidence in user privacy. The upshot is a more lightweight and fundamentally secure FR solution.

“This is a significant achievement that will empower new market segments with an already immensely powerful tool. We’re eager to continue our close partnerships to explore additional possibilities for customer-driven innovation,” said JP Parmley, Vice President, Konica Minolta Business Innovation Center.

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