ABBYY Launches Vantage to Bring Cognitive Skills to RPA

ABBYY announced recently the launch of ABBYY Vantage, an enterprise platform to provide human-like cognitive skills to intelligent automation platforms such as robotic process automation (RPA) and business process automation (BPA). Vantage enables the ability to quickly understand and create meaning from content, turning unstructured content into structured, actionable information.

Getting advantage from automation

This move by ABBYY ties into the need organizations have for practical ways to take advantage of tools like RPA, knowing that unstructured data can be a roadblock to automation without the right tools and approaches in place. Vantage helps accelerate the transformation with cognitive skills that make it easier to take advantage of process automation.

“For the first time, enterprises can automate content-based processes without requiring users to be tech experts,” says Anthony Macciola, chief innovation officer at ABBYY. “We are simplifying technologies like AI and data capture with advanced cognitive skills out of the box that make robots smarter. These consumable skills are combined with automation platforms to accelerate self-service automation.”

Speeding the pace of automation

One benefit posed by Vantage is the ability for organizations to quickly leverage cognitive skills directly in their process automation platform and reduce the time it takes to deploy and realize the benefits. This may be an important differentiator because the perception is that RPA and BPA are complex and time-consuming efforts. Vantage will appeal to both enterprise organizations as well as smaller, mid-sized companies looking to get up to speed quickly and compete more effectively with competitors in their space.

Sarah Burnett, executive vice president and distinguished analyst at Everest Group said, “Enterprise operations executives are searching for the best approach to get started on the AI automation journey. With solutions such as Vantage, ABBYY is addressing the demand for intelligent automation that will add intelligent skills to RPA and enable organizations to quickly scale automation — more processes and more of each process as well.”

Advancing the value of automation

So, how does it work?  ABBYY Vantage does not rely on templates at all; rather, its underlying learning engine is continuously improving the learning models-based layout and the content associated with the document. This makes it easier and faster to design and implement, delivering quicker ROI. The upshot is that Vantage enables non-capture experts to take advantage of advanced capabilities without all the overhead and learning curve that is required with typical capture offerings.

Who’s it for? Vantage is designed for the new buyer in the RPA market. With the increasing interest in RPA, many projects are driven by business groups leading the way. This has created a groundswell of automation use cases, many of which involve processing content. Vantage provides a tool to quickly automate document processes, like invoices or order processing, and improve less complicated transaction-oriented use cases that enterprise business groups are eager to automate.

What’s the advantage? ABBYY calls it “Content IQ” — technologies that help turn unstructured content into structured, actionable information. This is done via a digital worker (i.e., a robot) that automatically reads documents, routes those documents to the right user or process, and takes action –– like determining if the correct documents were sent as part of a loan process, or if additional information is needed to complete a transaction. The bot has out-of-the-box skills for OCR, classification, and extraction paired with advanced cognitive skills that are applied to specific types of documents like a bill of lading, W-2, or utility bill. For example, an RPA robot might be developed to process trailing lending documents and would leverage the “mortgage document” skill within that robotic process.

Moving forward

Vantage is designed to automate a broad array of document processes within an RPA or other automation environments. Since more and more organizations are building automation centers around RPA, Vantage could be an important tool to enable the effort.

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