Nintex Art 0917by Alain Gentilhomme, Nintex

Across industries and geographies, enterprises have multiple choices available for process automation. How do you make the right choice? Sometimes the goal is to solve for efficiency. After all, a business can’t succeed long-term if it puts up with needlessly inefficient processes, and process automation is a powerful and proven tool for driving operational efficiency. But efficiency alone is no longer a differentiator. It’s necessary for success, but not sufficient.

Craine Art 0917by Kevin Craine for Workflow

Is the term “ECM” still current? About a year ago, the idea began creeping into executive discussions and podcast interviews that “enterprise content management” just doesn’t cut it for describing what is possible and happening with today’s technologies and approaches. Indeed, just as old-school handles like “document management, “imaging” or “the paperless office” eventually gave way to newer concepts and designations, is it possible our old friend ECM is on the way out of industry favor?

konicaby Hugo Palacios, Konica Minolta

Few can deny the power of automation and the impact it has on daily activities. We put faith in it more than we know and depend on a seamless series of actions resulting in a desired outcome.  Think of the diabetic who sets an alert on their phone reminding them to take insulin. They set the time once and forget about it, trusting they’ll hear that beep at the time requested. Or, consider the marathon runner trying to log weekly miles. They turn on their tracker and hit the pavement expecting that their distance, time and even heart rate are captured through the duration of a run.



Sustain Success by Offering Value
Joanne E. Novak

by Joanne E. Novak | 10-17-2017 In the past, I have worked in the retail and wholesale industries learning about product development, sourcing, logistics and pricing. Once you work on the wholesale side, you understand the retail side, and you become a retail junkie, visiting...

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Konica Minolta’s Dealer Meeting 2017: Technology and Partnerships
Amy Weiss

by Amy Weiss | 10-11-2017 Konica Minolta held its annual dealer conference in Carlsbad, Calif., Oct. 3-5, and, reflecting Konica’s vision these days, the event was themed “Futuready.” With a focus on its more high-tech offerings and a streamlined agenda that, in some ways,...

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Improve Document Processing Workflows With Intelligent Data Capture: Part 3
Gary Allen

by Gary Allen | 10-10-2017 This is my third article in a series on the topic of intelligent data capture. I’d like to again underscore the point I’ve made previously that effectively managing document processing activities is critical to business success. It can help raise...

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  • ABBYY Puts Machine Learning and AI Center Stage at Annual Technology Summit

    MILPITAS, Calif., Oct. 17, 2017 – ABBYY®, a leading provider of technologies and solutions to action information, is hosting its fifth annual ABBYY Technology Summit (#ABBYYSummit17) October 25 – 27, 2017 at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina. Attendees at the summit will gain better understanding of strategies and tools to accelerate digital transformation initiatives that leverage their data to drive measurable business value.

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  • SAP and UNIDO Join Forces to Enable UN Sustainable Development Goals with Innovative Technologies

    October 17 — WALLDORF — SAP SE and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) today announce the signing of a joint declaration to advance the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and monitor its implementation, in particular in the area of inclusive and sustainable industrialization, by utilizing innovative technologies including analytics, reporting, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain and others.

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  • Hyland Launches Newly Combined Suite of Hyland Healthcare Products

    CLEVELAND, Oct. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Hyland, a global leader in providing software solutions for managing content, processes and cases, has officially completed the acquisition of the Perceptive business unit of Lexmark International, Inc. Uniting two organizations with industry leading products, Hyland is positioned to deliver unparalleled content and image management solutions to address the clinical, financial and operational needs of healthcare organizations around the world.

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How to Maximize Workforce Performance: Creating a Culture of Growth?

IBM Art 0917by Bob Schultz, IBM

Ever-evolving technological capabilities, new business models and digital transformation of companies are all driving market disruption at a rapid pace. Today, companies across most industries are investing heavily in transforming themselves to become digital enterprises. Unless this investment is accompanied by a parallel talent transformation and move to digital HR technologies, though, it will not bring them the business outcomes they are looking for. Furthermore, the talent transformation needs to include the following aspects: Developing existing talent to meet the new job and skill demands of the future, attracting new talent in a competitive market through irresistible experiences, and knowing what “success” looks like in every job to make better hiring decisions. 

The Robots are Coming: RPA and BI Solutions Make Your Customers Faster, Smarter and Richer

robotsby Patricia Ames, Workflow

In 2014, Rodger Dean Duncan wrote in Forbes that “the challenge to do more with less is industry agnostic” and that it “will be an ongoing mantra far into the future.” But that doesn’t seem to be the case, exactly. In the not so distant future, the new mantra will be “doing more with robots and data,” and it’ll be powered by business intelligence and analytics platforms (BI) and robotic process automation solutions (RPA).

The Wavelength: Business Intelligence

wavelength 150x150 slideshowBusiness Intelligence, or BI, is a common term in the business world today. Businesses are collecting more data than ever from a wider variety of sources and analyzing it in order to make better business decisions and improve customer service. We asked some executives who are very familiar with BI a few questions about what trends they see in the field and how their own businesses apply it.

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