Digitech Art 0518By Christina Robbins, Digitech Systems
Does better data really lead to a more intelligent business? Today’s business environment is characterized by an increasingly rapid pace, limited resources and a glut of information. Whether it’s stacked in boxes filled with paper files or consuming gigabytes on a corporate or cloud network, many organizations have more data than they can really manage. As data becomes more difficult to manage, it also becomes more difficult to filter for the information that we need to make important decisions — dumbing down our organizations.

SER Art 0518By Alexandra Lilienthal, SER

In the past few years, technology scientists have made breakthroughs in AI and machine learning. AI now has the power to change societies and our world for the better. Using AI and big data could one day highlight trends that will help us solve climate change, for example. It will help to automate transport and take over dangerous and mundane jobs. But, in order for AI to achieve these and more it needs to continually be fed data. This is why it is critical for organizations to start managing their data properly now.

Nintex Art 0518By Matt Fleckenstein, Nintex
You’d be lying if you said there wasn’t a single process your organization couldn’t fix. 

In 2018, fix doesn’t necessarily mean overhaul. Many companies fear process improvements because they assume the experience is synonymous with a great deal of pain and lost resources. But this is simply no longer the case. 



How Apple is Solving Facebook’s Privacy Problem
Henning Volkmer

by Henning Volkmer | 05-21-2018 Good timing from Apple when it comes to Facebook’s data protection scandal and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that goes into effect this week – with the iOS 11.3 operating system update, companies can now fully separate their...

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Q&A With Alan Hui, CEO of izzbie
Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames | 05-15-2018 After obtaining an aerospace engineering degree from UCLA, Alan Hui worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the Mars Rover program as a mechanical engineer. He then went on to found several startups in the e-commerce industry. Currently, he is...

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Scanning: The Foundation of Automation
Larry Trevarthen

by Larry Trevarthen | 05-14-2018 There was a time when scanners were exclusively standalone devices used in dedicated locations in a business — and while this is still the case for specialized areas, input now takes place in many areas thanks to the MFP.

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  • BedrockData’s Fusion Expands to More SaaS Systems with New Connector Release

    BOSTON, May 21, 2018 -- Bedrock Data has announced the release of a new wave of connectors for its Fusion software, expanding its library beyond CRM, marketing automation & support categories into project management, finance, subscriptions and billing. New connectors include Jira for project management and QuickBooks, Xero and NetSuite for finance, and Zuora & Recurly for subscriptions.

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  • WorkFusion Releases Next Generation of RPA Products

    NEW YORK, May 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- WorkFusion announced today the general availability of its Intelligent Automation 2018 "Lumen" release, which delivers to customers major upgrades to its flagship AI-driven RPA product, Smart Process Automation (SPA), and starter product RPA Express. Lumen makes AI a self-service capability for business users and makes RPA simpler and faster to deploy and scale.

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  • ABBYY Introduces FineReader Engine 12

    MILPITAS, Calif., – May 17, 2018 – ABBY®, a global provider of content intelligence services, today announced the launch of ABBYY FineReader Engine 12, a next-generation software development kit (SDK) that allows businesses to integrate text recognition, PDF conversion, and data capture functionalities into software applications running in the cloud, on premises or virtual machines.

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A Vertical-Oriented Approach to Solving Your Customers’ Problems

Epson Art 0318By Larry Trevarthen, Epson America 

Businesses require the sharing of ideas to be successful. Converting these ideas to and from paper is vital to moving these ideas not only from the mind to the hand, but also from one person to another. Printing, copying, scanning or faxing are the motions of moving an idea around, which helps shape the idea among peers, enhances concepts, and provides the strategies that drive company growth.   

Performance Management is Key to Optimizing Document Management Processes

CBPS Art 0518By Tim Connor, Canon Business Process Services
Document-intensive processes, such as mail, print and copy center operations, are critical to the success of many businesses. Yet when it comes to measuring the performance of these and other document management activities, many organizations rely on quarterly, or at best monthly, results in spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

Preparing for the Steep Pitch: Selling Workflow Automation in Vertical Markets

Elicker Art 0318By Lance Elicker, Ephesoft Inc.  

The reason vertical markets are a focus for sales organizations is that they allow for repeatability. It is much easier to build something and then repeat the process, as opposed to building something brand new each time. In the little corner of the world that is content management, often the issues or pain points we uncover will have to do with process, also referred to as workflow. 

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