HIPAA 150by Ali Pabrai, ecfirst, a Konica Minolta HIPAA Consulting Partner

The health care industry has seen more HIPAA settlements in 2016, typically in seven figures, than in any previous year. The industry has also experienced very significant cyberattacks. Cyberattacks are a healthcare epidemic with over 100 million healthcare records already compromised.

1116 IBM 150by Jeb Linton and Jared Klee, IBM

Today, industries as diverse as health care, energy, banking and construction continue to face ever-increasing regulatory burdens. While the industry specifics vary, the themes of increased numbers of regulations, increased regulatory scrutiny, and heightened expectations for compliance are present for most firms across regulated industries. And, with conduct risk an increasing concern for banking, new software-driven devices a focus for health care, and cybersecurity an increasing concern across all industries, regulatory focus is not anticipated to let up.  

1116 Craine 150by Kevin Craine for Workflow

With cybersecurity increasingly in the news, many organizations are taking another look at their own security. When doing so, there are many obvious areas to examine, but it is important to look closely at some commonly overlooked sources of potential security risk as well. Those include information captured in an image archive or document management repository, which can include data like social security numbers, financial and medical records, addresses and phone numbers. These pieces of information can translate into great prospect and profit for cyber-thieves. Is your organization protecting them?



Continuous Improvement: The Real Power of Digital Transformation
John Burton

by John Burton | 02-22-2017 Readers of Workflow magazine are ahead of the crowd when it comes to the concept of digital transformation. Most have first-hand experience at using IT-led automation to accomplish things like opening up process bottlenecks, ensuring policy...

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Factors to Consider When Creating a Document Imaging Request for Proposal
Reza Pazuki

by Reza Pazuki | 02-20-2017 Businesses of virtually all sizes and across all industries face an important challenge: the need to better manage physical and electronic records. This due in large part to the explosive growth in the amount of data being created and stored, which is...

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Boost Customer Engagement With Next-Gen ECM
Kevin Craine

by Kevin Craine | 02-08-2017 Much of the focus on business today is on acquiring new customers, but did you know that it costs six to seven times more to land a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one? Your current customers are more profitable too; a repeat...

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Has Automation Replaced Innovation?

Craine 150by Kevin Craine

In the day and age of increased digitization in business, process automation is essential to improve and streamline enterprise workflow. Eliminating manual busywork and paper-bound processes is at the heart of saving money and improving service, and a host of great solutions exist that are tailored for every industry vertical. But the question is: has “automation” replaced “innovation” in our organizations?

BPM’s Continuous Evolution to Meet Business Needs

PNMSoft 150By Gal Horvitz, PMNsoft

In Gartner’s January 2016 report “Improving and Reinventing Business Processes Primer for 2016,” Analyst Bruce Robertson stated that “The pace of business change keeps accelerating, and CEOs are shifting their focus from cost reduction to growth. In response, process practitioners must expand their thinking, methods and technologies to improve and reinvent business processes to deliver strategic outcomes.”

The Rapid Pace of Change: Q&A with Peter Kowalczuk, Canon Solutions America

Peter Kowalczuk 150by Patricia Ames

We recently had the opportunity to interview Peter Kowalczuk, executive vice president, zone operations & marketing at Canon Solutions America, during which we discussed the elusive paperless office, digital natives and the changing face of technology. Join me in the SpeakEasy.

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