robotsby Patricia Ames, Workflow

In 2014, Rodger Dean Duncan wrote in Forbes that “the challenge to do more with less is industry agnostic” and that it “will be an ongoing mantra far into the future.” But that doesn’t seem to be the case, exactly. In the not so distant future, the new mantra will be “doing more with robots and data,” and it’ll be powered by business intelligence and analytics platforms (BI) and robotic process automation solutions (RPA).

Neal wkfBy Ken Neal, Canon Business Process Services

The Dow tells you how stocks are performing this very minute. Your dashboard tells you how your car is performing this very second. An electrocardiogram tells you how your heart is performing beat by beat. Yet when it comes to measuring the performance of document management activities (such as mail/shipping and print/copy center operations), many businesses rely on quarterly results in spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. By most standards, monthly is very aggressive. 

Nintex wkfBy Alain Gentilhomme, Nintex

Few topics in technology have captured more mindshare in the past few years than the Internet of Things (IoT). Despite all this discussion, however, one important point never seems to get the emphasis it should: For IoT to deliver on its promise, system designers must treat it not just as a data management challenge but as an opportunity to apply workflow logic and process intelligence.



How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Employees Succeed
Matt Fleckenstein

by Matt Fleckenstein | 08-17-2017 It seems that every time we discuss the impact of AI on employees, the conversation immediately goes to computers replacing humans. While there are serious implications that need to be discussed on that topic (particularly for those in “blue...

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Managing Change: Surprisingly Simple Strategies to Increase Success
Christina Robbins

by Christina Robbins | 08-10-2017 Did you know that the average IT project runs 45 percent over budget, 7 percent over time AND delivers 56 percent less value than expected?1 For those of us who sell and implement technology, that’s painful! So, what change management processes can we...

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Overcoming the Anxiety of Digital Transformation
Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames | 08-08-2017 When you consider the benefits, it’s obvious why so many businesses want to implement, or already are implementing, digital transformation strategies. Who doesn’t want reduced operating costs, a more productive workforce and optimized processes? Who...

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  • GE Digital Production Manager MES Software Optimizes Paperless Manufacturing for Heavy Industrial Companies

    SAN RAMON, California – August 15, 2017 – GE Digital (NYSE:GE) today announced the availability of the latest version of its MES software, Production Manager, a powerful software solution for complex discrete manufacturing environments. Production Manager addresses important manufacturing execution technology issues where existing plant floor IT systems are inconsistent across plants and, therefore, managers can’t re-use configurations, leverage expertise, or lower overall MES costs. The software completely digitizes paper-based processes so companies can increase production output per person, reduce reporting and administration, decrease defects and material required, and ensure up-to-date routes and work instructions.

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  • OnBase by Hyland Deployed at New Mexico Military Institute

    CLEVELAND, Aug. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) recently deployed OnBase by Hyland, an industry leading enterprise information platform, to support increased departmental efficiencies and streamline processes across campus. The Roswell, New Mexico-based institution will leverage OnBase functionality implemented in the admissions, registrar and financial aid departments to digitize student documents.

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  • Ricoh and mindSHIFT Help Legal Professionals

    MALVERN, Pa., Aug. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Ricoh USA, Inc. and mindSHIFT Technologies, a Ricoh company, today announced that they are bringing their strategic services portfolio to ILTACON 2017 to help law firms and legal departments drive efficiencies and cost savings. Visitors to booth #411/413 will learn how Ricoh is empowering law practices to transform into law businesses by participating in an immersive workplace experience, seeing firsthand how Ricoh technologies improve operational and workflow efficiencies.

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The Good Vibrations of Pivotal Moments: Q&A With Bob Schultz, IBM

Bob Schultzby Patricia Ames, Workflow

It seems that every time you turn on the TV these days, “Watson” makes an appearance. The face of IBM’s cognitive computing revolution is technically not a face, a system designed to understand, reason, learn and interact with humans. IBM held its inaugural World of Watson event in Las Vegas late last year and I had the opportunity to sit down with Bob Schultz, head of the IBM Talent Management Solutions group, which incorporates Watson Talent and Kenexa. Join me in the SpeakEasy.

The Convergence of Content Management and Business Intelligence: Making Information Make a Difference

Craine WKFBy Kevin Craine for Workflow

There is a lot of attention on enterprise content management (ECM) these days, and for good reason. For most organizations, how well you manage your content has a direct influence on how well you manage your business. In today’s info-driven age, if you don’t manage and maximize the content you create, use and receive, then it’s unlikely that you’ll have much success in maximizing the performance of your organization.

How to Maximize Workforce Performance: What’s Changing in the World Today?

IBMby Bob Schultz, IBM

We live in a time of tremendous change in the way work is done. Constant change – and constant reinvention to keep up with it – has become a way of life, both in the workplace and in the way we work. Three major shifts are driving this: employees expect more from their employers, employers need more from their employees, and new technologies offer greater possibilities for all – from cloud to social, mobile and analytics, and now, the move to digital transformation and cognitive computing.

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